How did Fortnite Battle Royal get so popular? How did Fortnite: Battle Royal get so popular, so fast? Well in short, it’s easy to learn, free to play and use everything that works from PUBG. Fortnite did reach an impressive 3.4 active players last week, just before their servers crashed, according to Epic Games. Fortnite clearly got a lot of inspiration from the paid-to-play game PUBG (around 30 USD), which still is extremely popular. The game have some major differences both in playstyle, weapons and graphics. In PUBG you’ll have more “realistic looking” graphic while you in Fortnite tend to have a more cartoon’ish look and feel. More suited for younger players as well. Also in Fortnite you can’t have vehicles either. Though Fortnite might got inspired from PUBG, PUBG wouldn’t be a reality if it wasn’t for H1Z1, which originally created this kind of game mode that got so popular (made with help from ARMA game developers).

here Fortnite’s map is also considerable smaller than in PUBG, however the this doesn’t have as an negative effect as imagined. Both Battle Royal games is great indeed, and share some of the most popular game styles. Fortnite have been able to grap the upgoing trend for battle royal play styles and created a F2P (without the coop PVE mode) with an easy to learn play-style, easy to understand game setup and instant fun-factor in-game. It can be played as you like and you will always get in a new fight in the next game. This is the “secret” formular of the Fortnite succes.

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    1. I think it was mainly friends of friends who kept hyping the game up and that entrigued more people to play

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